2016 Penzance Literary Festival

July 6–9, 2016

Going Underground

2016 Penzance Literary Festival

The 2016 event will run from July 6-9. Sign up to our newsletter (at bottom of page) or see our updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Submissions are closed

The programming team is currently consuming copious amounts of coffee and cake as they sort through the scheduling… The full schedule will launch in April, so come back soon!

2015: From a spark to a flame…

The Penzance Litfest 2015 ran from Wednesday 8th to Saturday 11th July. Over 50 must-attend sessions were held at a number of venues across Penzance.

The festival theme was SPARKS – and with a packed programme of author talks, writers’ workshops, music, children’s events and much, much more, we saw sparks flying all over Penzance!

Last year’s events are still shown on the website, we’ve added photos where available, to give you a taste of what you can look forward to in 2016. We will archive them away as this year takes shape.

Header image, Geevor Mine, Richard Penn from Flickr


More than 50 must-attend sessions


We had a packed programme of authors and writers for the 2015 Penzance Literary Festival and all had a great story to tell.

Here is a selection of our headline authors (see all authors):


Just some of the exciting and varied events that took place at LitFest 2015 (see all events):


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